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HUTCH + REHAN tear down all barriers between electronic music production and the live stage. Their approach to electronic performance leaves little sonic compromise in their fusion of drum and bass, jungle and funk as it converts to a blistering live format. Using their musicianship to recreate the duo’s production with a 100% electronic setup of drums, synthesizers and guitar, the result is FIRE.


First connecting with politically driven band, Debasa, the spine of Sydney's live electronic band, Kobra Kai and live drummer for Mr. Bill, Hutch & Rehan have bucketloads of experience. The two have worked together as drummer and synth / guitarist respectively for roughly fifteen years, combining their electronic production and musicianship on stages around Australia, including many major music fesivals.

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"Here is Hutch & Rehan's own electronic production chamber. And it’s devastatingly dangerous! Dark and broody Drum & Bass, like a solitary wintery afternoon roaming the highway, windows pulsating till near collapse from the sub and a percussive depth to crack any windshield."
- Inna Riddim

"Koryu" & "Ascendancy" Released on Inna Riddim, 2014 | "Unsound" EP self released, 2015.

"Aussie instrumentalist-funk-fusionists Hutch and Rehan follow up their debut on Inna Riddim with this clinically obese trio of glitch jams. A really tight balance of instrumentalism, floor-fire and unique creativity."
- Adapted Records

"Agents of Dr. Click" EP Released on Adapted, 2015.

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